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Why is reaching flow state fundamental?

  • In the past, veterans have naturally put themself into flow state where they have accessed natural chemicals in their brain from reaching it over and over again while in battle or through extreme circumstances.  Retiring from the military, coming home, or working a job, and then never accessing these natural chemicals again puts them in a state of risk. War is the most extreme version of an “action sport” on earth.  Learning how to access flow state again without going to War is our primary objective first. It will allow someone to become more open, creative, and willing to learn. Giving vets (especially active physical vets) access to equipment/environments that they would not have access to on their own will give them a new purpose to look forward to.  Our goal is to create a group of people who are a tight community who can work together to achieve new goals in life.  This is done through partnering with professional athletes and instructors.

  • Preventing depression, maintaining mental health, and preventing suicide is one of the reasons to maintain flow state.  Hitting flow state will allow a person to be 500% more creative and able to receive new information in using better pathways in the brain. 

  • When working with the whole family, children see their father or mother excel, work hard, and overcome obstacles.  When the family sees the change of energy inside of someone, it causes a rise in both connection and togetherness.

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