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Veteran Racing program 
      From never racing to a Professional 

  • Our Program consists of a process that will bring someone who has never raced, to a competition license, to racing in a pro car.

  • The start of the program is starting with kart racing.  (eventually have a branch off this to create opportunity to race karts professionally as well) 

  • We teach people how to race high end Tag karts.  This is unlimited for veterans and gives them a chance to qualify to do hpde events in a caged race car.

  • From there we will work with veterans on bringing them through the ranks at hpde’s. When they are ready through the qualification process we will bring them from hpde to racing.

  • We then will bring them through the racing process doing team racing in endurance racing and then onto sprint racing.

  • Sprint racing will be the thing that starts to separate people and gives us a chance to really qualify someone. 

  • Once someone wins a championship in a well filled spec class we will then start to run them in a pro series.

  • From the pro series we raise them up and just keep pushing them to get to the next level of winning and creating opportunity through this world.


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