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How It Works

  • First, we interview Veterans or Active Duty Military who may be candidates for our program. We then develop a plan of action specific to their unique needs which would involve any of the seasonal action sports we are running at specific times.  The person would continue growing in the sports we offer for years or as long as they are in our program and will have access to our mentorship at all times. 

  • Our goal is to teach people how to recognize when they are reaching flow state because this will give them a skill to fall back on.  In order for people to get to this point,  we will have to work hard together and as much as possible. 

  • Action Sports and Racing will be taught by either coaches, professional athletes, or semi pro athletes and professional race teams.

  •  The sports available now:  Kite surfing, Backcountry Snowmobiling, Ocean freeride (stand up jet ski), Moto/Backcountry dirt bike,  Surfing/Wakeboard, Racing cars (road course). 

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