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Flow State

  • Flow is the source code of intrinsic motivation. “Most addictive” state on earth. 

  • People that are most satisfied in life are reaching flow state. (Steven Kotler)

  • When you are in flow state you are using less of your brain: transient hypofrontality.

  • In flow state, the prefrontal cortex shuts down. This is important because this is the part of your brain that understands time and makes logical decisions. When this shuts down, your brain cannot distinguish between past, present, and future, and does not dwell on any anxiety.

  • Stress hormones and  anxiety leaves (“Deep now”)

  • Your sense of self is a neural network in your prefrontal cortex.  When you remove your sense of self by bringing the network down,  your inner voice critic nagging now becomes silent. This equals freedom.

  • If risk taking increases, then creativity increases, because the inner critic nagging is absent. 

  • While in Flow, your brain will produce 5 incredible chemicals:

  •  Norepinephrine, Dopamine,  Endorphins,   Anandamide,  Serotonin. This is the ONLY time these chemicals are produced all at once!

  • This encourages motivation, creativity, enlightenment, brain chemistry wellness, and positive self image.  

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